Intel 7260 wireless problems in Linux

My computer got the Intel 7260 wireless card, I’m running linux (Mint),¬†and I had shitloads of issues with it. My wireless kept disconnecting at random times. Like after 10 minutes ..20 minutes.. 60 minutes. After a lot of searching and reading I found out that I should probably try to update my wireless card firmware, … [Read more…]

Ignore join, part and quit in IRSSI.

If you’re on channels with loads of peoples like #javascript at freenode there are a lot of quit, join and part. Well this is pretty annoying isnt it? Makes it hard to follow conversations. I needed to find a solution to this problem, and I’m not sure of why I haven’t though of this before, … [Read more…]

Module pattern in JavaScript

Module pattern in JavaScript is a pattern every JavaScript developer should know. The module pattern behaves as IIFE (Immediately-invoked function expression), but you add the IIFE to a variable instead of wrapping your code in the IIFE. Why should we use this pattern? Well..because then you don’t pollute the global scope with your own variables.